12/01/2024 - "ORDERS BEING TAKEN 2024"

Orders are welcome throughout 2024, for more information or to simply place an order please email Rob at: info@bayleyknife.com or click on my contact page and we can take it from there.

As a guide my popular S4-Survival model as seen on the main web page are priced at 685.00 GBP each. As standard they are available with a straight cutting edge or the part serrated blade type, other models are available on request. At the time of writing the lead time is 8-12 months.

25/12/2021 - Please beware of Chinese made fake copies

There are Copies of my Bear Grylls knife being listed on ebay and otherwise sold on the internet, I would like to state that most are mass produced knock offs/ fakes that are in no way connected with or authorised by bayleyknife, which is and always will be work by my own hand. Out of interest I made less then 100 of my S4 survival knives showing Bears logo on the leatherwork or blades, any for sale will be pre-owned and usually sell for a premium.

I am being asked, so here’s how to help spot the fakes
• Basic tubes holding on the handle slabs
• Lateral grind marks showing across the blade
• Flat sided handle slabs
• Square looking guard
• Thin leather sheath
• Side grill/scoops appear to be ground into the handle slab

As apposed to these features on a bayley
• Tubular handle “bolts” the thread end can be clearly seen
• Smooth satin/hand rubbed blade (lengthways)
• Looking down the back of the knife the front half of the handle tapers off towards the guard
• Heavy leather sheath and all Bear Grylls are embosed “bayleyknife” on the back
• Etched bayleyknife on the back top of the tang
• Side grill/scoopsare machined flat/parallel to the knifes tang
• all S4’s made post November 2009 have a serial numbered tang and no Bear logo’s

Best regards,
Rob Bayley

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