Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions that I am asked most often. Before contacting me, please check to see if your enquiry is answered below:

Q: Do you have any knives in stock?
A: "I need to respect the waiting list but because of dropouts and the re-sale values for pre-owned examples of my work I now offer all cancelled orders as available by listing them on my home page and inline with current pricing (typically at 700 GBP)."

Q: Why have you stopped supplying some models and cancelled any options with my order?
A: "Due to time restraints unfortunately, I need to focus in on getting my knives out to all waiting customers. It is taking much longer then planned and the best way to manage this for now is if I discontinue the more distracting items for now and list them separately in the future."

Q: I see that my order is now being listed as a position on the waiting list and no longer showing a lead time, how long do I have to wait?
A: "It has proved impossible for me to give an accurate time outside of 75 to 100 placed orders that is once the lead-time is outside of a year. I will always remain a one man shop and have to contend with the many demands and variables that this brings I will honour all up to date placements on the list but simply cannot guarantee a time."

Q: You seem to have a long waiting time, is this correct?
A: "Yes I'm afraid so, as of August 2010 I have had to close my order book as an estimated 7 year lead time had been reached (NB. this is proving to be quite an under estimate). Click here to enter your details and I will email you when my work becomes available to order again."

Q: With such a long waiting list, when do you prefer the payment?
A: "I normally prefer to take the payment once I actually start to work on the knife."

Q: Can your knives be bought in a shop or from a dealer near to where I live?
A: "Unfortunately not, due to such high demand on the one-man shop I can only make to direct order."

Q: I have my own knife, can you supply me with one of your horizontal sheaths?
A: "This is something that I am asked all the time but due to time restraints I need to concentrate on my knife making and no longer take on one off custom leatherwork."

Q: Does Damascene steel perform better than plain RWL?
A: "There is no real noticeable difference in performance, however, it's expense is best justified by the added pride of ownership."

Q: I can't wait any longer, if I pay extra can I have my order brought forward?
A: "I need to respect the waiting list but rather than buying an over priced second hand example elsewhere I do now offer works as available due to cancellations (typically at 700 GBP). It may be possible for you to take one of these."

Q: What advantages do the serrations give?
A: "Unless you have a preconceived preference for serrations I do not recommend them for general use, I introduced them at the request of Bear Grylls to increase the versatility of the S4 as a self rescue survival knife."

Q: How can I place an order with you?
A: "Sorry but due to an unmanageable backlog I am not taking orders. Click here to enter your details and I will email you when my work becomes available to order again."

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